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Yenne Kids' Academy


School Rules

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School Rules

Each child entering the school will be expected to wear the yellow/brown school uniform, furnished by the school at the start of the school, along with flat black shoes.

During school activities, whether indoors or outdoors, a school labeleld tee-shirt with sneakers will be worn.

Our students are expected to be tidy and well groomed at all times, boys and girls, with clipped nails and hair short or tied, and come ready to come to school to give their utmost best in presence and attention, devoid of any distractions. A « no screen time» policy is applied both in our classrooms and school premises, from students and school staff alike. All personal cell phones/tablets are confiscated upon entering the school zone. The only screen time allowed will be the projection of educational content in each of our videoprojector-enabled classrooms.

School attendance and assiduity are also expected of our children, and a daily attendance book will be shared regurlarly with students’ families to ensure children’s full participation in school activities and learning as a joint responsibility of the school and student’s families.

YKA has a zero tolerance policy for the following bad behaviors threating our social cohesion :

– harrassment of any nature,

– sexual behaviors,

– bullying,

– or disrespect to one another nor to/from school staff/ elders will be tolerated from our students, both on and off school premises.

Lastly, we expect our students to be embassadors of the YKA philosophy wherever they are, and model the value system the school is molding them into.

As such we see parents and families as an integral part of the school community, and expect them to fully participate in the school community, outings and activities as volunteers on a rotational basis.