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Yenne Kids' Academy


School Philosophy

Academic Excellence

Our school philosophy is to raise the next generation of young leaders who will craft the future Africa of tomorrow, rooted in the deep belief that a new type of global critical citizen will be required to navigate the new global village our children will grow in and become leaders of.

Multi-faceted Knowledge

The school’s value system is anchored in the local community and Senegalese culture that host the school, where a very strong sense of community, solidarity, human integrity, grounding, respect and togetherness (ubuntu) form a firm bedrock for the well-rounded child rooted in the best of tradition yet with arms outretched to the world and other cultures.


Our school also places a pointed focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship skills to unleash the full potential of each child to contribute to the development of their community and continent.

Community service

A Multi-cultural hub, the Yenne Kids’ Academy embraces the individual identity of every child walking through our doors, and the full socio-cultural fabric of our student body and their families, ensuring our school is an extension of the home where children’s self-esteem and excellence will be molded, amplified and echoed.




The School's Creed

The school’s creed is to facilitate individual

students’ learning (hence our teachers being called learning facilitators) and to nurture their natural given abilities and talents.